Globoforce - My Orders Page Ireland

Globoforce - My Orders

Improving the visibility of the My Orders page in order to reduced customer service calls.

Globoforce - Approvals Flow Ireland

Globoforce - Approvals

The redesign and improvemnt of one of the most important flows in Globoforces product.

Website Redesign UX UI AXA Ireland

AXA - Site Redesign

New customer focused redesign of AXA Ireland including new Online Application.

Offer Creation Flow Sohalo Ireland

SoHalo - Offer Creation

The redesign and optimisation of the most important flow on the SoHalo platform.

App Theme Editor Design Sohalo Dublin Ireland

SoHalo - Theme Editor

Building a customer Theme Editor was essential to the SoHalo's new direction.

Sohalo Application Design App Designer Dublin Ireland

SoHalo - Dashboard

Redesigning the face of the application to suit the needs of the customers and their marketeers.

Norton Responsive Design UX Dublin Ireland

Norton - Project Norway

Norton's first look at responsive web design. This redesign was one of the most exciting and difficult project of my career.

Norton Cart Design UX Dublin Ireland

Norton - Norway Cart

Redesigning a cart flow around the Project Norton redesign was the most challenging part of the project.

Norton PD Page Design UX UI Dublin Ireland

Norton - Product Pages

Breaking all of our product details down to the their key details and presenting them in the best possible way was a difficult task.