AXA - Site Redesign

UI UX design AXA Ireland


AXA Ireland were looking to create a brand new online customer experience. Currently AXA has an online platform that handles online transactions called MyAXA, MyAXA is non responsive, its functionality is limited and the design is dated. AXA also wanted to redesign the current site whilst building the new online application.


I proposed that we look at the AXA website as a whole starting with the Information Architecture moving on to prototyping and then creating a new UI library. With that structure in place I designed a new Homepage to show the UI Library in practice. This Porject is still in progress.

My Role

I started this project on the planning team then moved on to the building the information architecture and prototyping. Later I began building a UI Library and applying it to a new redesigned AXA homepage mockup.

The Process

Sketching AXA Homepage Redesign
UX Wireframes AXA Ireland Redesign
UI Design AXA Ireland

Responsive Design

Responsive design AXA Ireland