Norton - Project Norway Cart

Project Norway Cart design


The problem with Project Norway was that we had a fully functional responsive website but once you went to buy a product on a mobile phone or tablet you would get a desktop cart experience. This was a terrible customer experience.


We decided to design a cart flow that used the Project Norway design and would respond with the website. We worked on making the best possible experience for our customers, researching the best cart experiences and analyzing what was working for them and why?

My Role

I worked on the research team and was responsible for sketching, the wireframing and the visual design of the flow. The toughest part of the project was dealing with amount of input fields that we couldn't remove due to security and risk reasons.

The Process

Sketching Norton Project Norway Cart
UX Wireframes for Norton Project Norway Cart
Ui Design for Norton Project Norway Cart

Responsive Design

Responsive Dashboard Design Project Norway Cart