Norton - Product Detail Pages

New Product Details Page Design Norton


Norton product details pages had tons of technical information on them, so much so that it was nearly impossible for customers to read the page content and understand the products they were hoping to purchase.


The solution was to focus on narrowing down the content to the key features, displaying it in modular format and with a short title and 3 or 4 lines describing the feature in layman's terms for easy consumption. We found that customers are willing to read 4 or 5 modules of 3 or 4 lines rather than 40 bullet points of technical jargon.

My Role

I worked on the design aspect of the project working on wire frames and the finished visual pages. The most difficult part of the project was narrowing down the technical information into short readable information.

The Process

Sketching Norton Product Detail Pages
UX Wireframes Norton Product Detail Pages
UI Design of Norton Product Detail Pages