Globoforce - Approvals Flow

New Globoforce Approval Flow Design


Globoforce tasked me with redesigning their approvals flow, the approvals flow is one of the three most important flows on the platform. The old design of the approvals flow was a table based layout that was dated and had a complex flow for a simple task. To view the details of the award (that needed approval) you must click a small icon to enter the award details page where there was no option to approve.


I proposed that we remove the table layout and replace it with a card based layout, each card would contain enough information for a approver to make a decision and they had option to approve the award on the card. Each card would open a lightbox that would display the awards full information and the option to edit and approve the award. This new flow was tested multiple times and with great success.

My Role

I worked on all aspects of this project, from sketching, user scenarios, wireframes and the UI design. I tested this flow on many occasions, setup each of the user tests, I recruited all of the users, created the test plan and facilitated most of the tests personally.

The Process

Sketching Globoforce Approval Flow Design
UX Wireframes For Globoforce Approval Flow Design
UI Desing For Globoforce Approval Flow Design