SoHalo - Theme Editor

Sohalo Theme Editor Design


The SoHalo development team designed a custom application for each of their customers, so when a design request came in the development team would design and develop each app for each customer. SoHalo wanted to move away from this business model, as it is unsustainable as the business grows.


The solution to this problem was to build a theme editor. The idea was that if we had a selection of themes the customer would be able to edit those to suit their branding. They would be able to add their company logo, edit colours, fonts, buttons etc.

My Role

I was involved in all of the design process from sketching to finished product. The toughest part of this project was choosing what elements we would want our customers to be able to edit and what we should restrict them from editing.

The Process

Sketching The Theme Editor
UX Wireframes For The Theme Editor
UI Design For The Theme Editor