Norton - Project Norway

Project Norway Responsive Design and Prototype


Norton's mobile presence was virtually non-existent, we had mobile security products but no mobile pages to display them on. I was tasked with building a prototype website that would respond to any screen size.


The prototype was built from a mobile first perspective meaning that we designed the website for mobile screen sizes and it responded as the screen size expanded. Every page on this website was redesigned and built with the latest trends and technologies in mind, using responsive design, drag and drop functionality and a product matrix for the compare charts to compare our product features.

My Role

I started this project by simply designing mockups in response to usability tests in Oslo, Norway. Once we got buy-ins for the project I became the project lead and worked with a team of 6 people, 3 designers (including myself), 2 copywriters and a developer. I hosted daily stand ups, I built wireframes, I created the Visual design, helped with copywriting and some development. Please view the fully responsive prototype here

The Process

Sketching Project Norway Prototype
UX Wireframes for Project Norway Prototype
UI Design of Project Norway Prototype

Responsive Design

Responsive design of Project Norway Prototype