SoHalo - Dashboard

New Sohalo Dashboard Design


SoHalo decided to give the dashboard a redesign since it was overloaded with information like graphs and charts. My task was to create an interface where all information are well-structured and clearly arranged. As I had recently joined the SoHalo team, it was challenging to prioritize the information and arrange them to fit the customers' needs best.


Compared to the old design which had module after module of charts and statistics this new design was focused on the most important information that our customers required. Giving them 4 small modules with key statistics, a list of the top performing offers and a chart that gave them visual feedback on the most important statistics.

My Role

I was involved in all of the design process from sketching to finished product. What the most difficult about this project was as the newbie learning and trying to figure out what the key information was, what our customer want to see on the Dashboard and arranging them in a way that would respond well and make sense.

The Process

Sketching Sohalo Dashboard Design
UX Wireframes For Sohalo Dashboard Design
UI Desing For Sohalo Dashboard Design

Responsive Design

New Sohalo Responsive Dashboard Design