Alan Barry

UX/Visual Designer

UX Design

User Experience (UX) Design is a relatively new concept. The practice focuses on the ways in which customers use websites and the ways in which companies would like their websites to be used. Its aim is to ensure a customer can navigate a website effortlessly and complete any transactions flawlessly.

Visual Design

Design is a visual representation of you, your brand and your company. It can deter prospective customers from using a website or it can encourage customers to return regularly. Design, like branding, is continually evolving to meet constantly changing trends.

Web Development

As a web designer it is no longer sufficient to design attractive web pages in Photoshop. It is absolutely essential to be able to build web pages using coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. It is also essential that these pages are responsive across all devices, as websites are no longer primarily accessed by desktop computers.


Globoforce - My Orders Page Ireland

Globoforce - My Orders

Improving the visibility of the My Orders page in order to reduced customer service calls.

Globoforce - Approvals Flow Ireland

Globoforce - Approvals

The redesign and improvemnt of one of the most important flows in Globoforces product.

Website Redesign UX UI AXA Ireland

AXA - Site Redesign

New customer focused redesign of AXA Ireland including new Online Application.

Offer Creation Flow Sohalo Ireland

SoHalo - Offer Creation

The redesign and optimisation of the most important flow on the SoHalo platform.

App Theme Editor Design Sohalo Dublin Ireland

SoHalo - Theme Editor

Building a customer Theme Editor was essential to the SoHalo's new direction.

Sohalo Application Design App Designer Dublin Ireland

SoHalo - Dashboard

Redesigning the face of the application to suit the needs of the customers and their marketeers.

Norton Responsive Design UX Dublin Ireland

Norton - Project Norway

Norton's first look at responsive web design. This redesign was one of the most exciting and difficult project of my career.

Norton Cart Design UX Dublin Ireland

Norton - Norway Cart

Redesigning a cart flow around the Project Norton redesign was the most challenging part of the project.

Norton PD Page Design UX UI Dublin Ireland

Norton - Product Pages

Breaking all of our product details down to the their key details and presenting them in the best possible way was a difficult task.