Theme Editor

Theme Editor

Company Overview

SoHalo is a social engagement marketing platform that was used to help SoHalo's customers acquire, engage and convert customers by motivating, measuring, and rewarding customers’ social and digital actions on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

SoHalo’s customers include leading brands in retail, travel, financial services, and telecom including Verizon, Kobie Marketing, American Express’ Payback, and British Airways’ Avios. Customers we’re rewarded for their engagements in SoHalo’s companies social media in different methods including likes, comments and even gamification.

Role in team

UI Designer, UX Design, Research


Theme Editor, Themes



Theme Editor

Project Objective

SoHalo's customers had a custom application built for each implementation.

With a growing customer base the SoHalo team looked to speed up the implementation process by creating one application that could be themed to the customers company brand.

Theme List


The solution to this problem was to build a theme editor feature. We designed and developed a selection of base themes that the customer would be able to edit to suit their branding.

They would be able to add their company logo, edit colours, fonts, buttons etc.

My Role

I was involved in all of the design process from sketching to finished product.

The hardest part of the project was understanding and deciding what design guardrails we would want to put in place so that our customers to be able to add as much branding as they would like without customising the application.