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Company Overview

Globoforce is the leading provider of employee recognition applications, including its award-winning Social Recognition solution.

Globoforce create applications that allowed colleagues to reward each other for work they helped out with or for just being awesome. Each reward have points or monitary value attached, these rewards were then exchanged for gift cards for some of your favourite stores and restaurants that you can choose from.

Rewards could be redeemed online or a physical gift card could be deleviered to you at your home.

Role in team

UI Designer, UX Design, Research


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Project Objective

Globoforce were aiming to reduced the amount of calls coming into our customer service team from customers in relation to missing, delayed or past orders.

When customers would call our call centers a lot of the information that they we're looking for was information that we currently display on our "My Orders" page.

We wanted to increase the visability of the "My Orders" page and at the same time we hoped to improve the UI design as well as the functioanlity this page.

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To improve the visibility of the page we added a button that linked to the new "My Orders" on the "Confirmation" page, this page appears at the end of the order flow after you have completed your order, this is the first page that a user would see after their purchase therefore the first place these questions may arise.

We also redesign emails to link to the new page design, and added a button to the "My Orders" page on the customer service page.

We also redesign the page itself to improve the visibility of the details the customers were looking for.

My Role

I was involved in all aspects of the design process from research and sketching to the final UI design. This was a particularly rewarding project that touched on many pages and emails, understanding the different touch points most customers would hit if they were having trouble with their purchases.

The success of this project was very rewarding helping both customers and our colleagues on the customer service team.