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Company Overview

Globoforce is the leading provider of employee recognition applications, including its award-winning Social Recognition solution.

Globoforce create applications that allowed colleagues to reward each other for work they helped out with or for just being awesome. Each reward have points or monitary value attached, these rewards were then exchanged for gift cards for some of your favourite stores and restaurants that you can choose from.

Rewards could be redeemed online or a physical gift card could be deleviered to you at your home.

Role in team

UI Designer, UX Design, UX Researcher


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Project Objective

When colleagues rewards one another, the reward would go through an approval process. Depending on the size of the reward it may go through multiple managers to approve the reward.

I was tasked me with redesigning the approvals flow, the approvals flow is one of the three most important flows on the platform. The old design of the approvals flow was a table based layout that was dated and had a complex flow for a simple task. To view the details of the award (that needed approval) you must click a small icon to enter the award details page where there was no option to approve.

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I proposed that we remove the table layout and replace it with a card based layout, you could view the reward details by clicking on the card and you could also approve or disapprove the reward from the card or from the reward details page.

Each card would contain enough information for a approver to approve rewards of smaller. Each card would open a lightbox that would display the awards full information and the option to edit and approve the award.

I performed User Testing on this new flow with multiple iterations and with great success.

My Role

I worked on all aspects of this project, from sketching, user scenarios, wireframes and the UI design.

I created a clickable prototype that was used for the user testing. I recruited the users for these tests, created the test plan and facilitated most of the tests personally (not always ideal).