Offer Creation Flow

Offer Creation Flow

Company Overview

SoHalo is a social engagement marketing platform that was used to help SoHalo's customers acquire, engage and convert customers by motivating, measuring, and rewarding customers’ social and digital actions on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

SoHalo’s customers include leading brands in retail, travel, financial services, and telecom including Verizon, Kobie Marketing, American Express’ Payback, and British Airways’ Avios. Customers we’re rewarded for their engagements in SoHalo’s companies social media in different methods including likes, comments and even gamification.

Role in team

UI Designer, UX Design


Offer creation, Offer details, Edit offer, Offer targeting



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Project Objective

SoHalo's "Offer Creation Flow" was a multi-step modal window flow that had more than 6 steps. The modal window code loaded on each page of the application, which slowed the app down.

New features have been added to the design over time, which made it look quite busy and unclean.

We hoped to improve the "Offer Creation Flow" by removing the modal window and redesigning the flow.

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I created a single-page design solution, this would require the code to be loaded once on this page which would help speed up all of the other pages in the application quite a bit.

The redesign gave the developers a chance to update and optimise the code to speed up the offer creation process even further. The new design is much cleaner and a much better experience.

My Role

I proposed the idea to redesign this flow. I was involved in and responsible for all the aspects of this redesign process from planning and sketching to the final UI design.

After the backend development was complete the page was sent to me for a UX Design review and I review the UI and made some small CSS changes to improve the details of the design.