Project Norway Cart

Norton by Symantec
Responsive Cart Flow

Company Overview

Symantec is an internet security software company for both consumer and enterprise customers.

The consumer division of Symantec corporation is Norton. Norton's focus is on providing various kinds of antivirus software, to its customers across the world.

I worked as part of the eCommerce team in the Norton consumer brand. We we're responsible for designing, maintaining and improving the EMEA online stores.

Role in team

UI Designer, UX Design, Research, A/B Testing


Cart Flow, Interstitials, Upselling



Responsive Cart

Project Objective

After the success of Project Norway, where we created a new responsive website, we needed to back that up with a responsive shopping cart experience.

The original shopping cart was not mobile friendly and having a responsive website bring you to a desktop cart was a poor experience.

The project objective was to design a responsive cart experience.

Responsive Billing Page


The Project Norway team decided to design a cart flow that used the Project Norway design and would respond with the website.

We worked on making the best possible experience for our customers, researching the best cart experiences and analyzing what was working for them and why?

The team designed and built a responsive cart experience that maintained all of the current functionalities of the current cart inclusing the cross-selling and upselling interstitial functionality.

My Role

I was part of the original research team, and I was responsible for the entire design process including sketching, wireframing and the visual design of the flow.

The hardest part of the project was dealing with amount of input fields that we couldn't remove due to security and risk reasons. Providing a secure experience is a priority for all online shopping experiences.